Depending on products and ordered quantities:

  • transportation, delivery, Just-In-Time delivery
  • warehousing, consignment storage
  • machining, laser cutting, cutting, pipe end machining, inclined machining, shaped cutting
  • destructive and non-destructive material tests, special material tests
  • upon request we can undertake the administrative tasks related to the EN 10204 3.2 inspection certificate for products ordered from us, even for items in the warehouse
  • our company undertakes the arrangement of urgent procurements for jobs with a short deadline for our products distributed by us
  • emergency stops, in case of emergency events extra fast deliveries from warehouse
  • upgrading and reclassification of products distributed by us 
  • shaped cutting, flame cutting, water jet cutting, plasma and laser cutting of plates 
  • plate slitting, preparation of plate sheets  
  • preparation of special documentation, certification: API, EN 10204 3.2. ADW Merkblatt, PED