Manufacturing of custom sized pipes

Our company undertakes the manufacturing of pipes and pipe products of special, out-of-standard dimension – the minimum quantity always depends on the size to be produced.

The unique properties of the pipe are determined by the deviations from the dimensions and qualities specified by the standard. Besides traditional pipe manufacturing processes custom pipes are made by rolling, casting, stamping and core punching. Our company typically focuses on the manufacturing of bigger size (above 200 mm OD) custom pipes but we are capable of producing custom pipes from 0.1 mm. These custom pipes can be produced practically in any quality from carbon steel, stainless, acid-resistant, non-ferrous metal (Al, Cu), heavy metal, black metal (Mn, V, Ti, Cr, Ni, Co, Zr, Mn). As an additional technical possibility we can produce custom steel and metal pipes in more precise execution, with outer diameter, inside diameter, wall thickness, ovality and concentricity tolerances more accurate than with the conventional sheet rolling technology, as required.  We can also produce internally metal plated (clad pipes) that are both wear resistant and acid-(corrosion) resistant. 

Application areas: structural mechanical pipes with extremely high-strength as well as special mechanical engineering pipes, pipelines for the chemical industry, machine industry, food industry, paper industry, nuclear technology, rolled and shaft pipes for the power engineering, oil, and gas sector, refineries, e.g.  LNG technology, cryogen processes, (extremely) low operational temperature pipes, pipes operating at (extremely) high temperatures in power plants, heat exchangers, in the chemical industry and power generation.

Additional services: manufacturing of tanks and container bodies, heat exchangers, U bending of pipes, issuing certificates, surface machining, mounting of fittings.

Standards: EN 10219-1/2, EN 10217-1/2/3/4/5/, Astm/Asme, Astm A691, NORSOK, DNV-OS, DIN 11866.

Material qualityany, including ASTM A203, Grades A – F (3.5% Nickel), ASTM A353 (NN+T) & A553 (Q&T) (8% & 9% Nickel steels), Alloy 36 (36% Nickel) ASTM A387 – Grade 91 (X10CrMoVNb 9-1), ASTM A387 – Grade 92 (X10CrWMoVNb 9-2), Grade 22, Grade 5, Grade 9, API 5L X80, X80 NACE, X100, X120 and X140. 1.4361, 1.4429, 1.4462, 1.4410, 1.4501, 1.4529, 1.4539, 1.4547, 1.4562, 1.4563, 1.4562, 1.4565, 1.4591, 1.4828, 1.4841, 1.4876, 1.4958, 1.4959, 2.0872, 2.0882, 2.4066, 2.4068, 2.4360, 2.4600, 2.4602, 2.4605, 2.4610, 2.4617, 2.4633, 2.4650, 2.4700, 2.4816, 2.4819, 2.4851, 2.4856, 2.4858, Ti gr. 1, Ti gr. 2, Ti gr. 3. Ti gr. 11, Ti gr. 5.

Surface: galvanised, phosphate, coated finish.

Manufacturing options with extrusion technology (longitudinally welded pipes): up to Ø 100 – 2000 mm, length: 2000-24000 mm, wall thickness: 8-101 mm

Manufacturing options with rolling technology (longitudinally welded pipes) Ø 1000-10000 mm, length: 1000-3500 mm, wall thickness: 10-250 mm

Custom welded and seamless, hydraulic pipes, made with core punching technology, honed types and types suitable for honing, up to 1600 mm diameter and 22 m length especially suitable for the energy sector, oil, gas and machine industry, water technology and material handling.


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